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Series Order

Virgo (Masters of the Zodiac) -Coming Soon

I Like Big Dukes Anthology -Coming Soon

Dirty Daddies Anthology

  1. Werebear Daddy

Defying the Gods

  1. Fates & Monsters

Dark Fractured Fairy Tales

  1. Scarecrow

  2. Pan

  3. Jabberwocky

  4. Goldie

  5. Mated to the Big Bad Wolf

  6. Happily Ever After

Lycan Mating Games

  1. Finn

  2. James

  3. Ella

Dragon Kings (LMG Spin off Series)

  1. Pavo

  2. Jord

Virgin Vampire

  1. Every Heart Beat

  2. Every Last Breath

  3. Every Piece of Me

Promised (Stand Alone)

Applebottom Magic (Stand Alone)

Becoming Super (Stand Alone)

Bedding the Royals (Stand Alone)


Once Upon A Baby (Stand Alone)

Once Upon A Billionaire (Stand Alone)

Billionaire's Secret Baby

  1. Special Delivery -
    Billionaire's Secret Baby

  2. Special Arrangement -
    Billionaire's Secret Agent

  3. Special Recovery -
    Kidnapped by the Billionaire

Otterville Falls - Bedding the Billionaire

  1. Sutton's CEO

  2. Sutton & the CEO's Baby

  3. Sutton & the CEO Forever

Westland Brothers

  1. Cowboys Love Curves

  2. All About Those Curves

Dirty Bird Series

  1. Lady Maddie

  2. Lady Cece

  3. Lady Elizabeth

  4. Lady Rebecca

  5. Lady Sophie

  6. Miss Margo

Dirty Bird Series - Rakes vs Wallflowers

  1. Lord Randall

  2. Lord Moberly

  3. Lord Shore

  4. Mr. Moberly

  5. Lord Bosworth

  6. Lord Warner


Dirty Bird Series - Secrets & Spies

  1. Lady Lillian

  2. Lady Samantha

  3. Lady Julianna

  4. Miss Lizzie

  5. Lady Anne

Dirty Bird Series - Spanish


  2. Cómo Casarse con la Dama de Mangrove Manor

Regency in Color

Loving a Scandalous Marquess (Stand Alone)

Upon a Wicked Sea (Stand Alone)​


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