Is asking your male best friend for a little help with your zipper too much to ask? With the underlying tension between these two best friends, one little spark begins a rather massive flame. 


Will has just left his buddies wedding reception with hopes to get back to the city to work. But with the snow coming down hard he ends up off the road and walking in the freezing temperatures.

Luckily he finds a cabin that is inhabited by a lovely woman. As sparks fly we learn that our world isn't as big as we often think it is.

This is a two-part erotic novella, perfect for an afternoon. 

Mason is a short step-brother taboo story.


Mandy has never been able to find someone that she likes quite like her step-brother Mason. She knows that their parents would be horrified so she keeps her secret crush a secret. But what happens when one night she finds out that Mason might have feelings for her too?

Mason is a short story, giving you a brief glimpse into their lives and the love they share.