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USA Today bestselling author S. Cinders is pleased to share a hilarious small town murder mystery romance. A steamy rags-to-riches romance, with one cranky billionaire and a stubborn waitress from Hillbilly Hell.

Mama said there isn’t anything in this life that comes free. If someone tries to tell you differently, they’re a dirty salesman, or they want in your pants.

When Mr. Fancy-Pants-New-York blew into town. I knew he was far too good to be true. Nobody smelled that nice, looked that handsome, and claimed you were the long-lost daughter of some rich tycoon in the city.

A large part of me just wanted to send him over to the local motel where the bedbugs were as big as raisins and the mattresses were as fresh as the dumpster behind Big Eddy’s Crab Shack. But what would that say about my southern hospitality?

I’d give him one night. He could crash on my spare bed in the single wide, but come sunup, he needed to be gone. Only sweet chaos found me that night and the next thing I knew, I was on a private jet headed into the city.

It was time to pack up the crop tops, and jean cutoffs, and grab by boots We’re taking on Wall Street, and I played my cards right, I might have time to knock some boots with Mr. Fancy-Pants while I’m at it.

This is a full-length small town romantic murder mystery with a happily ever after for our rags to riches lovers. Witness one man’s cynical heart be swept away by a sassy southern girl who has no idea just how charming she can be.

This is a steamy romance with strong language and adult situations.

Sutton's CEO: Bedding the Billionaire

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