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USA Today Bestselling Author S. Cinders presents a riotous journey from small-town intrigue to big city romance in this steamy small town murder mystery. Welcome to a world where billionaires aren't always knights in shining armor, and southern belles aren't just sweet tea and smiles.


"Everything has a price in life," Mama always said, especially if it comes from a slick city slicker with a smile too smooth to trust. So, when a suave New Yorker shows up claiming I'm an heiress, I'm more inclined to show him the door—or maybe the not-so-glamorous local motel with its notorious bedbugs.


But hey, I'm a southern girl with manners as big as my dreams. He gets one night on my couch, then it's goodbye Mr. Fancy-Pants. Except, life loves a good curveball, and suddenly, I'm swapping my Daisy Dukes for designer digs on a private jet bound for the Big Apple.


Strap on your stilettos; we're taking Wall Street by storm. Between dodging bullets, uncovering family secrets, and maybe—just maybe—falling for Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True, this country mouse is about to show the city what true grit really looks like.


Dive into this sizzling, hilarious and steamy, small-town murder mystery romance. A story of unexpected love, laugh-out-loud moments, and a southern charm that turns a cynical billionaire's world upside down. Grab your copy and get ready for a wild, heartwarming ride with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Sutton and the CEO's Baby: Bedding the BIllionaire

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