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Fasten your seatbelts for a wild ride…

Shay is in trouble again… but this time it’s not with the law.


After attempting to make amends with her former best friend, Shay is kidnapped off the streets of Manhattan. Her captor is the last person she expected. Will Jennings had been a childhood friend from Deepwater, TN. Now, he is a highly skilled assassin with ties to the mob, and currently, the one holding her hostage.


Jennings traded his innocence long ago to pay his mother’s medical bills. They say the mob is like family but for Jennings they literally are. When he gets the hit on Shay Montgomery he can’t imagine it’s the same sweet girl he grew up with. Now he will do anything in his power to protect her from the evil that is just a step behind them. But the more they are together the old feelings begin to smolder and the spark becomes a flame. 

Special Recovery: Billionaire's Secret Baby

SKU: Book 3
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