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A billionaire's secret baby. 


The stars aligned the first time they met, and now she's carrying the result of that night of passion. What happens when they meet again?


Walking into the job of a lifetime, I never guessed that I'd come face to face with the one individual I never thought I'd see again. I hadn't even gotten his name, but I knew his body. Hell, I knew his taste.

Now the secret I carried could be the ending of anything between us before it ever really started.


She should be off limits. Not only was she an employee, but I just insisted that she become my roommate. And she's pregnant!

I had everything under control. So what if I had to disappear to rub one out a time or twelve? She was only an employee, nothing more.

Now if I could only convince my heart of that.

Special Delivery: Billionaire's Secret Baby

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