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Five steamy short stories

step brother, boy next door, strangers & more

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Her lips found mine in a soul searing kiss that melted my insides and left me utterly entranced with her body.


I kissed the shit out of her and felt her desire from her passionate embrace all the way to the jerk of her hips as she wrapped her legs around my waist.  on her lips. Her hands clung to me,

practically digging into my skin and I reveled in it.


I sank my hand into her hair and angled her mouth even further before letting loose all the passion and frustration that

had been simmering inside of me.

It couldn't have been wrong because I am telling you,

it felt so very right.


Bending my head, I gently brushed her lips with my own. Fire licked up my spine as the mating bond only solidified. It was almost something tangible between her soul and mine. All thoughts at taking things slow disappeared when she opened her mouth and allowed me in.


"Scintillating, Enthralling, Captivating."

It’s been fifteen years since Benedict Sharp has laid eyes on Felicity Blessing.

The last time they were together, he ended up suspended from school with a black eye. So, it only seems fitting that this time he’s bound, gagged, and tossed into a trunk.

Benedict’s promise to the old woman to always watch over Felicity… Yeah, that flew out the window the same moment the fiery beauty stamped her foot and actually blamed him for botching up her kidnapping!

The woman is a menace. She needs a keeper, or at least to be taken in hand, and Benedict is the right man to do it.

This is the last book in the Master's of the Zodiac series. It contains some power exchange elements.


Annabelle Anders - Duking it Out
Amy Rose Bennett - An Improper Duke
Clair Brett - Her Reluctant Duke
S Cinders - Dukes Give Love a Bad Name
Alyssa Clarke - Two Dares, a Duke, and a Runaway Bride
Emmanuelle de Maupassant - The Lady’s Guide to Well-Endowed Dukes
Tamara Gill - Virtuous Duke
Caroline Lee - Oh. My. God, Becky, Look at that Duke
Carrie Lomax - The Duke She Defied
Beverley Oakley - The Duke and the Governess
Ebony Oaten - Duke Around and Find Out
Eve Pendle - The Duke Experiment
Sky Purington - Her Daring Duke
Amy Quinton - How to Train Your Duke
Stacy Reid - A Duke of Her Own
Lily Reynard - One Season with the Duke
Ellie St. Clair - The Duke's Treasure
Mariah Stone - When the Duke Bought a Wife
Laura Trentham - The Duke Deception

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