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With over 6.5 million views on Radish. This is one story you won't want to miss!


♥♥A billionaire's secret baby. ♥♥

The stars aligned the first time they met, and now she's carrying the result of passion. What happens when they meet again?


Walking into the job of a lifetime, I never guessed that I'd come face to face with the one individual I never thought I'd see again. I hadn't even gotten his name, but I knew his body. Hell, I knew his taste. 

Now the secret I carried could be the ending of anything between us before it ever really started.


She should be off limits. Not only was she an employee, but I just insisted that she become my roommate. And she's pregnant!

I had everything under control. So what if I had to disappear, to rub one out a time or twelve? She was only an employee, nothing more.

Now if I could only convince my heart of that.

Scarecrow... O-M-G... Scarecrow... I was not expecting a character being so hot and forceful about what he wanted.


Forget everything you have ever been told about Oz, Dorothy, and even her yappy dog.

There have been stories written and songs sung about the fabled land of Oz. Each trying to tell the true story of what really happened along the yellow brick road. But none of them come close to the truth. 

It all started when the king of Oz, my father, decided that he wanted to retire.

He wasn't sure which of his four daughters to leave his kingdom to. So, being the wise king that he was, he split the countryside into four and allowed his daughters to prove themselves.

My sisters got the North, South, and West quadrants. Whereas I, Indi to my friends, got stuck with the East. Yep, you guessed it, Munchkin land. If that wasn't bad enough. Some chick in braids showed up, throwing houses around and stealing my best shoes.

When she murdered the Munchkins, I knew I had to make a stand. Dorothy had to go.

Scarecrow (Witch Queens: Tales from Oz) is an adult retelling of the Wizard of Oz with four happy endings and one wild ride in between.

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"I couldn't put it down..."


From enemies to lovers, best friends who fall in love, and hopeless crushes. I filled these six stories with intrigue, heart and plenty of steam. These Regency romances are told with a modern twist.

Lady Maddie- These two behave like enemies, but there is heat behind the looks they send to each other.

Lady Cece- Charles has been in love with Cece his entire life, but she only sees him as a friend. Can he convince her that there is something more?

Lady Elizabeth- Everyone is convinced that Lizzie is nothing but a brat. But nobody knows about the abuse she's suffered at her mother's hand until Robert.

Lady Rebecca- Tossed out in the streets when her father dies unexpectedly. Bex picks one mark that has her heart in knots.

Lady Sophie- The first moment Sophie laid eyes on Eli she knew he was the one for her. Only he seems to have other ideas about it.

Miss Margo- Living between two worlds, Margo longs for the love she knows Tommy has for her. Why can't he see that together they can have it all?

The next six stories can be found in Dirty Bird Series Box Set 2


"These stories each have a unique plot with plenty of action, drama, suspense, conflicts, humor, chemistry, passion, love, and a hot and steamy romance." - Amazon Reader